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Immigration Law in Fredericksburg VA

Immigration laws are changing constantly and can be different on a month to month basis. Rest assured that our staff is always educated and informed on the latest processes.

FIDE Law offers the full range of services in immigration law. We look for the solutions for our clients which are affordable and most likely to succeed. Importantly, if you are our client, we will tell you what we believe your chances of success are with your case or application, so that you are not merely committing to a long and expensive process without knowing, in the end, it will be worth it.

  • Family-based Immigrations – Family petitions for relatives on behalf of U.S. citizens and Legal Permanent Residents, including consular processing and adjustment of status in the United States
  • Employee Visas – H1B visas
  • Removal Proceedings – Including asylum application and cancellation cases
  • D.A.C.A. – Initial Deferred Actions Childhood Arrivals and renewals
  • U.S. Citizenship – We can guide you through your naturalization process
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Family-based Petitions

In this category FIDE Law can help you apply for immigrant or non-immigrant status based on family status. This includes every category of immigrant and non-immigrant visa including: adjustment of status (Green Card), naturalization (Citizenship), work permits, asylum, family petition (I-130), visitor or tourist visa, special immigrant juvenile status (SIJS), fiancé visas, humanitarian parole, parole for family members of military service members, and every other type of application for immigration benefits.

Employment-based Petitions

In this category FIDE Law represents employees and employers in every visa category of based on employment. This includes:  H1B worker visa, H2A temporary worker visa, artist visa, investor visa, and other employment-based immigration benefits.

Deportation Defense

FIDE Law’s immigration practice includes defending clients who are in the deportation (removal) process. This includes bond motions for clients in immigration detention, petitions for prosecutorial discretion,  defensive applications such as asylum, cancelation of removal, emergency stays of removal, voluntary departure, temporary protected status (TPS), deferred action for childhood arrivals (DACA), victims of crimes (U-Visa), victims of domestic violence (VAWA), and every other petition or application to help those facing deportation.

Crimes & Immigration

FIDE Law understands that criminal convictions have a crucial impact on immigration status, immigration applications, and potential immigration benefits. The relationship between criminal law and immigration law is sometimes called “crimmigration.” FIDE Law provides expert criminal defense which will take into account the impact criminal charges and convictions will have on our clients’ immigration cases. In this incredibly complex and always-changing area of law, few law firms can count on the same experience to advise clients in both criminal and immigration law the way FIDE Law can. Many criminal attorneys ask us to look at their clients’ criminal cases and advise on the immigration consequences.

Immigration Appeals

FIDE Law can appeal a decision of an immigration judge to the Board of Immigration Appeals. In immigration appeal, FIDE Law attorneys will keep fighting for a favorable decision, maybe even one which will help shape the law to benefit not just the client but everyone else who has a similar case.

Let FIDE Law help you and your family.

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