Family Law

The FIDE Law Family Practice includes:  Divorce, Custody, Visitation, Child Support, Spousal Support, Protective Orders, Guardian ad Litem, and Adoption cases.

We understand that hiring a lawyer is a big step and that family cases can be long, expensive, and personally challenging.

We don’t like to turn away clients who need representation in a family case but whose financial circumstances make it difficult to pay for it.  We are committed to working out a solution, if at all possible, so that you get the excellent legal representation you need at an affordable cost.

At FIDE Law, we are sensitive to our clients’ personal and emotional circumstances, including their religious sensibilities.  A profound respect for our clients’ personal welfare is a significant consideration in all we do.  We encourage all clients to seek fair and reasonable resolutions in family disputes with a view to avoiding costly litigation, but we are not afraid to advocate vigorously for you in court when necessary.

Our attorneys and staff speak fluent Spanish.

Please call today to discuss your case.