FIDE Law, PLC es el bufete de abogados de elección para asuntos familiares, de inmigración, deuda y empleo en Fredericksburg, VA.



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Criminal Law in Fredericksburg VA

FIDE Law represents clients in any type of Criminal case, from traffic violations, to misdemeanors, to serious felonies and everything in between.

FIDE Law has represented hundreds of clients on drunk-driving (DUI), domestic violence, child abuse, theft, drug possession, drug distribution, fraud, and sexual abuse in courts throughout Virginia.

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Criminal Appeals

FIDE Law has represented clients before the Virginia Court of Appeals and the Supreme Court of Virginia.

Juvenile Criminal Cases

A juvenile case is very different from an adult criminal case, with different procedures, rules, and punishments. It takes experience and sensitivity to represent a juvenile in a criminal (delinquency) case. The attorneys of FIDE Law want to guide a family through the process from start to finish.

Criminal Cases with Immigration Consequences

“Crimmigration” is what we call a criminal case that can have serious consequences on an immigration case or immigration status. At FIDE Law our expertise in both criminal and immigration law helps us fight for an outcome that won’t let a criminal conviction hurt our clients’ immigration status or pending case.

Let FIDE Law help you and your family.

Following CDC guidelines against COVID-19, our office is now accepting in-person appointments.