FIDE Law, PLC es el bufete de abogados de elección para asuntos familiares, de inmigración, deuda y empleo en Fredericksburg, VA.



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Family Law in Fredericksburg VA

We are here to help you with the different areas of family law such as

  • Adoption – Assisting families through the adoption process within the U.S.
  • Divorce – Uncontested and Contested divorces, we can advocate for you through preparing separation agreements, divorce decrees, and representation in court, allowing you to focus on your new life.
  • Custody Issues – With divorce and separation custody issues can arise. Mr. Muggeridge also represents children through being their Guardian Ad Litem.
  • Support – Child support or spousal support that may come with family related issues.
  • Protective Orders
  • Guardian/Conservatorship
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FIDE Law represents parents in the adoption process. The goal for any adoption is the wellbeing of the child. This may be through termination of the parental legal rights of the parent(s) or through a voluntary surrender of parental rights. The process involves consideration of many factors and fulfilling many legal requirements. Adoptive parents may be subject to home evaluation or asked to provide proof of financial stability. Parents may be investigated by social services. Those are just some reasons why parents should be prepared for the entire process, and why the FIDE Law team can help guide you ever step of the way.

FIDE Law’s experience with many different types of adoption in many different courts gives our clients confidence that they will be able to fulfill their dream of adopting a child. It may be close-relative adoption, a contested adoption, or an international adoption. Our multidisciplinary firm gives us another advantage, because we can offer adoption services to all our clients, especially our immigration clients.


 FIDE Law represents clients in all types of divorce proceedings, including military cases and cases where there are out of state and international spouses. People seeking a divorce have widely different goals. Sometimes the spouses agree on all the major issues of custody, visitation, equitable division of property, spousal and child support. In other cases, no agreement on anything is possible.

When there is nothing to fight over and when allowed by law, FIDE Law can help with an uncontested divorce. In those other cases, where the stakes are high and the parties can’t agree on anything, we will fight with you every step of the way. As with all our representation, we want to help our clients find an affordable and effective solution to their problems. With divorce we take that same realistic approach.

Whether it is an uncontested or a contested divorces, FIDE Law will help prepare separation agreements, divorce decrees, and representation in court, allowing clients to see beyond the dispute and focus on life after divorce.

FIDE Law supports families in good times and bad and represents clients in every type of family dispute.

Custody & Visitation

FIDE Law helps parents fight for their right to have custody and visitation with their children. Parents want what is best for their children in a custody and visitation dispute. That is what the family court is looking for as well. The problem is, of course, that parents don’t agree about what is best for their children. FIDE Law knows how to present your case in the most favorable way.

FIDE Law attorneys help clients present the best arguments and evidence in their case, in the most affordable and effective way. In many custody and visitation disputes, parents can reach the result they want by negotiating with the other parent, accepting compromise, for the good of themselves and their children. In family disputes, our goal is to help parents achieve their goals, affordably.

Custody arrangements come in many forms: Primary Custody, Shared Custody, Sole Custody, with visitation as agreed to or imposed by the court. FIDE Law will help you fight for the custody and visitation arrangement that you feel is best for you and your family.

At FIDE Law, we understand the burden and limitations of the legal process, especially in the area of family law. We always seek to provide realistic, cost-effective representation in family law litigation.

Spousal & Child Support

The financial well-being of your children should be the responsibility of both parents. One person should not be left with an unfair financial burden on their own. All support cases are unique, with their own individual circumstance that need to be taken into consideration when you are seeking financial support. Our attorneys will walk you through the Virginia Child Support guidelines and explain how they apply to your case.

Protective Orders

When individuals face domestic violence, FIDE Law can represent victims and accused, in protective order proceedings. A criminal case is often connected to a protective order case. FIDE Law’s multidisciplinary practice helps us anticipate the legal consequences of a protective order on a criminal or immigration case.

Protective orders protect anyone who is living in fear because of physical abuse. In any emergency domestic violence situation, victims can call the police and appear before a magistrate to obtain a protective order at any hour of the day. After the first order of the magistrate, a legal process begins. The team at FIDE Law, PLC is here to advocate for you or defend you.


Families have special legal needs when family-members cannot take care of themselves. The law may require the family member to petition the court for full control of that family members personal affairs and finances. This is known as guardianship and conservatorship. The court process requires expert legal counsel to guide a petitioner. FIDE Law has vast experience in cases involving adult children with special needs, and aging parents who can no longer manage their affairs. Matt Muggeridge has served in countless cases as Guardian ad Litem for Incapacitated Persons in guardianship and conservatorship cases. He has also represented families as attorney for parents and family members seeking guardianship and conservatorship.

Let FIDE Law help you and your family.

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