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As custodial parents, you are primarily responsible for their child’s care, custody, and safekeeping. You are supposed to provide a stable home environment for the child. It is not always possible or practical for some parents. If you live with your spouse or partner but don’t want to be involved in raising the kids, consider taking legal guardianship rather than trying to raise the children yourself.

A guardianship is a court order that gives a person or company control over another person or company’s property and financial assets. In most cases, we use it when one parent is unwilling or unable to take care of their child or when there’s an issue with both parents that prevents them from caring for their child. The guardian will usually be someone who will look out for the best interests of the child and never allow them to get in over their head.


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The main difference between the two is that in legal guardianship, the legal authority is in the hands of a judge. In custody guardianship, it’s in the hands of the person who applied for the guardianship.
While both types of guardianship involve a court order, legal guardianship is only a court order that applies to a child. The person who applies for legal guardianship is known as the plaintiff in the court order. The person who lives with the child is known as the defendant.Custody guardianship is a court order that applies to both parents. It makes it easier for the court to decide who to appoint as a legal guardian. It also means that if one parent can no longer look after their child, the court can automatically give the other parent legal guardianship. It is known as “joint legal guardianship .” In both cases, the legal authority behind the guardianship order is the same, the court.

Legal guardianship is a relatively short-term guardianship compared to custodial guardianship. The duration of legal guardianship is called the “protective order duration .” The protective order duration for legal guardianship is usually six months. If you get a legal guardian, you can ask the court to make you their legal guardian for a while. This request is known as enduring guardianship.

Custody and Legal Guardianship can be a great way to give your child a stable, forever home. You can apply for legal guardianship when one of you isn’t able to take care of the kids on your own. Once you’ve applied, the court will decide who will be your legal guardian. You can choose between legal guardianship or custody guardianship. They’re similar in giving a guardian control over another person’s physical and financial assets.

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